Photo Stories

Nellie’s day at the park

Nellie woke up and raced to the window. Today was the day she was going to the park with her friend Elizabeth. Luckily the Day was sunny and warm.
Quickly she dressed and strapped on her shoes.
Running into the kitchen she grabbed the picnic basket she had packed yesterday.
Nellie jumped on her bike and rode off to the park. Her basket was bumping against her leg as she rode, but that did not slow her down.
Nellie and her friend Elizabeth decided to walk over to see the lilac tree in bloom. While they were walking they saw the large pile of mulch for the flower beds.
The lilac was just starting to bloom but it smelled so good.
After all their walking the girls were getting very hungry. They hiked back to Nellie’s bike and got of the lunch. Food had never tasted so good.
That night when Nellie was in bed she happily wrote of her day in her diary. She had so much fun.

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