GOTY 2016

Hi everybody,  First thing yesterday morning I checked out the new girl of the year.  Today I have decided to post my thoughts of her.  I did not include any pictures because I wasn’t sure what I could use, so I decided to play safe.

Lea Clark – Girl of the Year 2016

  • Doll-  I thought she was so pretty but looked a lot like both Kanani and Rebecca. I really like her dress and found it surprising how she came with two accessories not one.(compass and messenger bag)
  • Accessories- Her accessories are nice though I wish there would be less paper items.
  • Plush animals- Her plush animals are cute but you could really just get similar ones for much less at a nearby store. (Such as the Mall)
  • Ocean kayak set- Her ocean kayak set is really cool.  I like how you can insert the images into the bottom of the boat. The life vest is also pretty.
  • Rainforest house- Her rainforest house is cute but looks plastic and not very sturdy. (especially the hammock)
  • PJ’s-  I don’t really like her pj’s, The print is weird and so is the style.
  • Hiking outfit- I like the shirt but rest of it is not very exciting.
  • Hiking Accessories- Her hiking accessories are different.  Her backpack is nice but doesn’t look like it would hold much.
  • Fruit Stand- The fruit stand is disappointing, it practically is just to boards and accessories.
  • Mix and Match swim set- I am a big fan of this set, the swimsuit pieces are so cute though the fringe on the tankini is a little weird.
  • Beach Accessories- These are pretty nice.  I like the flippers and the turtle and hatchling are adorable.
  • Bahia Outfit- I can’t decide whether I like this outfit or not.  It is pretty colored but the patterns on it are weird and the shorts are really plain.

In general I was disappointed how expensive her things are and how poor the quality but they still look nice.

Check out the items your self and comment on you likes/dislikes.

American Girl-Lea Clark

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