Christmas Suprises

OK, I’ll face it. I haven’t posted in a long time but I have been busy. I was working on some stop motion photography but seeing that it was my first time they may have to wait.  I do have several posts started but they will all have to wait. (unless you want old Christmas posts or even older yet Little House on the Prairie) I plan on doing better this year an I am working on a schedule to help me post more often.  This year my goal is to post once a week and make my posts ahead of time to help with that. So now enough of that stuff and lets get to the post.

Today I would like to introduce you to some new members of our doll family.  Our American Girls have some new younger sisters.(Lauryce and Zelia wanted their pictures took too:)

The little girls went on a getaway to become familiar with each other and start some friendships before meeting rest of the family so let’s look at some of the things they did.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
The girls woke early to go for a swim. Apparently it was not that could where they were.


KODAK Digital Still Camera
After their swim the girls played outside.  They seem to be having fun and lots of energy.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
After playing outside all day they seem to have decided to play princess. I wonder how Dora(Ashlyn) got the girls to agree.  Some of them really do fit their part though.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Looks like an early bedtime to me.  After all the fun they had they will be needing some rest. Good Night Girls.

PS. It was very challenging to get a picture in the tent, it was dark and the doors kept covering their faces. but I got it eventually.

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