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Our Generation Ice Cream Truck

Hi everyone! Sorry about the long break, I have been busy with standardized testing, finals, field trips, and summer break cleaning.  I actually have had the pictures ready for about a month though and am finally getting ready to fight with WordPress.(It has been giving me trouble.)
Our Generation

For Easter my sister and I were given the Our Generation Ice Cream Truck which I had been eyeing up since before Christmas. Let me just say it is awesome and totally worth the price in play value, quality, and DETAIL.  I honestly think it is my new favorite toy.

The set comes with six bins of ice cream, three empty bowls(one not pictured), a bowl with ice cream, and an ice cream scoop. The ice cream is not removable but the truck has a built in counter piece to fit the bins.  I love the realistic swirl of the ice cream.

There are three kinds of ice cream in each style and I think it is really cool that the types of syrup match what is on the ice cream. Their is chocolate, strawberry, and caramel. The dolls can actually hold the curved bowl ones.

These are the popsicle included in the set. There are double popsicle, popsicle with a crunchy outer layer, two flavored popsicle and a box of 5 different flavors. I love the ones in the box because there are so many, they have awesome colors with darker specks like they were made from fruit, and they all have a slot in the box which is good for transportation.

This banana split looks so good. I love all the little details, everything has texture so that it looks more realistic too!

Each of these have 3 of each type and have identical holder that the can be removed from. The snow cones have a bumpy surface like the real things and the cup popsicles are colored like the other popsicles.

There are several ice cream cones. The strawberry one is swirled and in a broken waffle cone. Two have two scoops of ice cream and they have a wrapper on the tip.  The other two are identical and remind me of the ones my school sells although they are different flavors. Some of the ice cream fits in the snow cone and cup popsicle tray but not as well.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
There are three soft serve ice cream cones one is vanilla, one is chocolate, and one is swirled. This picture shows all the details on the cones and the swirls.

Don’t forget the smoothies or milkshakes. You can make them be whichever you want. they are topped with whipped cream and a cherry, then add the straw.

The set comes with Icees that have attached straws. There are three types.

Not only does the set have ice cream there also are other foods. These lollipops are swirled with two colors and topped by another color.

It includes three plain donuts and two cookie sandwiches. I am not sure if they are to be cream filled or ice cream filled but they would be good either way.

There are three types of iced donuts with sprinkles that also have trays. They fit perfectly on Chrissa’s thumbs.

We also have three salted pretzels if you flip them over you can pretend you are making them.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
There is ice for in the freezer and tongs to take it out.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
These three cups that go in the cup dispenser. They have amazing details too.

These are the accessories. There are two jars of sprinkles that move around if you shake it so thankfully it doesn’t open. The syrup is the same as above but a better picture. We also have the napkin holder, four spoons and a can of straws that doesn’t open.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
You can’t go without the money or service bell. I was disappointed that the bell didn’t push down.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
This is the frier for the donuts or pretzels. It has a place it goes in the truck.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
There are also two stools that go with the set.

Now for the truck.

I like how the wind shield wipers are supposed to move, although I haven’t found the power switch yet because I only think about it when it is full and I don’t want to dump it out.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Empty ice cream slots.

The sink is in the corner. It has a drain an handle for realism.

Across the counter from the sink is the fryer location. It’s a perfect fit.

Above the fryer is the cup dispenser. to fill you pull it away from the wall, slide the cups in, and push it back into place. them  you can pull the cups out.

Below the fryer is what I use for the pantry. The donuts and cookies get stored there.

Next door is the ice storage and the freezer for the ice cream. The shelves are removable so that the larger pieces can fit.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Under the ice cream there are two storage shelves. The top one is slanted like a display so when you put ice cream cones there you have to be careful or they will roll onto the ground.

On the one side their are sliding windows. It slides to the right as you probably can tell from the glare of my flash.

On the side of the sliding windows you can pull down the roof and have a patio where the stools can go for your customers. There is even a ledge where the toppings, napkins, and utensils can go.

In the front there are buttons and a glove box that opens where I normally store the money. The headlights, turn signal, and tail lights actually work by the buttons or the pedals. It even plays music and the wheel turns.



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