Hi I am Taylor; I am a middle school student. I started to collect dolls in 2011.   My first doll was Emily Bennett (now retired). My 2 sisters and I have been collecting dolls since then.  We currently have all the Historical AG Dolls, all but 1 GOTY dolls(Girl of the Year), 1 My AG, 4 sets of Bitty Twins, 3 Bitty Babies and all but the Mini American Girls. I also have 7 My Twinn dolls that are 23 inches, and 1 that is 21 inches.  We have 4 18 inch boy dolls, 2 Hearts for Hearts dolls, 2 smaller dolls, and 3 American Girl doll babies. (Sold as Felicity’s little sister).

My favorite types of dolls are Hearts for Hearts and American Girls.  What are your favorites?

I like to make things for my dolls.  We have made presentation board backdrops for setting the scene; I will be showing you how to make them in a post sometime.  We also have 2 doll houses that we have redone several times and they are still a work in progress.  We are always thinking of improvements.  When I go shopping I always am on the lookout for small objects that would be good for the dolls. My family does not buy much from the actual American Girl store because it is so expensive.  We have even bought most of our dolls from Ebay, and their accessories are homemade or from a different brand.

My mom sews doll clothes.  A couple of years ago she started to sell the clothes she makes online and at craft shows.  I now sew my own doll clothes so my mom can focus mainly on the business.

I hope to do a lot of things with this blog.  I want to share some crafts, hair styles, and photo stories.  What do you want to see? 017_edited-1

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